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Superena Lottery History

Did you know that Italy is the home to one of the biggest jackpots in the world? Yes, it’s true, and the game which makes it possible is called SuperEnalotto. SuperEna lottery history began in 1997, but that was only the beginning of the game as known today. The famous Italian lottery, Enalotto, has been around since 1950.

The concept of the lottery is somewhat unique. It started as a unifying game for numerous Italian city lotteries, and the game was way more complex before it became Superenalotto. Before 1997, players would choose between 1, 2 or X, depending on what they thought was going to be drawn, similar to football pools style betting. They would put one of the mentioned three options in 12 boxes, and gained one point if they’ve guessed the right number. 1 represented the numbers between 1 and 30, X numbers between 31 and 60, and 2 numbers between 61 and 90. Prizes were won if you’ve managed to collect 10, 11 or 12 points.

The draw itself is also unique in lotto history: the numbers were chosen out of the first numbers in regional city draws, in alphabetical order, plus second numbers from Naples and Rome wheels. When the game changed and Enalotto became SuperEnalotto, the drawing system changed a bit, but the numbers from regional lotteries are still used for a final combination in Superena.

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The six numbers, which is how much players must guess now, are chosen out of the first numbers in draws of Bari, Florence, Milan, Naples, Palermo and Rome, while the Venice draw is used as a “Jolly” number.

To further clarify: when playing Superena lotto, players must choose six numbers out of 90. The winning numbers are known after all of the mentioned regional lotteries finish their draws, because their first numbers are used as Superena numbers. The “Jolly” number can only help a player who had guessed the main five numbers correctly win bigger prize. There are six different categories of prizes according to matched numbers: 6 (jackpot), 5 + Jolly number, 5, 4, 3, and 2. There is also an option of playing one additional “SuperStar” number which increases the number of possible prizes, in that case divided into the following categories: 6 + Superstar, 5 + Jolly + SuperStar, 5 + SuperStar, 4 + SuperStar, 3 + SuperStar, 2 + SuperStar, 1 + SuperStar, SuperStar. The odds of winning Superenalotto jackpot stand at 1 in 622,614,630.

But here comes the best part: there is no cap and no roll down for Superena jackpot! This now explains why Italians have such huge jackpots. The biggest jackpot in Superena lottery history, which was won in October 2010, after eight months of rollovers, was worth 177,7 million Euros. And when we say 177,7 million Euros, we mean 177,7 million Euros, because, wait for it, lottery winnings in Italy are not taxed!

One more plus is the frequency: Superenalotto takes place every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and basic ticket only costs 1 Euro. So don’t waste your time, play today!

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